Uniden DFR6 NZ


Uniden DFR6 NZ

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Uniden DFR6 NZ

The Uniden DFR6 is a long-range Laser Radar detection system for your vehicle. It detects X, K, and KA radar with an advanced K band filter for to prevent false detection. Its Eagle Eye provides 360° monitoring radios for all types of laser and POP mode detects brief transmissions too fast for some detectors to hear. The DFR6 is also invisible from VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV radar detector detectors (RDD).


The DFR6 has both city and highway mode to minimize false alerts. It also has an easy-to-read OLED display with 3 brightness levels and voice alerts with an option to mute at the press of a button. Other features include a signal strength meter, battery voltage warning, traffic sensor filter (TSF), self-test and factory reset.



  • X, K, Ka Band Detection
  • 360° protection against all types of laser
  • VG-2 Stealth
  • Spectra 1 and IV Undetectable
  • City and Highway Modes
  • Memory Feature
  • Dot Matrix Character Display
  • Digital Signal Strength Meter
  • Laser Alarms
  • Tone Alerts
  • Audio Only Mode
  • Visual Only Mode
  • Auto and Manual Muting
  • Dim Mode
  • Volume Control


The Total Package

Laser Radar Detector,

12V Power Cord,

Windshield Bracket Kit,

User Guide,

USB Data cable